Artem Crypto Assets Lending Market

Artem Foundation - v 0.61 Alpha


Why Artem

Artem Crypto Assets Lending Market (ACALM) is a DeFi lending program based on blockchain technology which offer the largest liquidity opportunities for cryptocurrencies and assets and provide a consistent reward for those attendees as return. Current supported cryptocurrencies and assets are: ETH, USDC, USDT, BAK, artwork, antiques, and streaming music copyrights.

About Artem Loans

Artem is executed by the Dapp of the Ethereum public chain through smart contracts. It has the following characteristics:

  • Public interest rate model
  • High privacy level
  • Instant loan
  • Contract free for all trades

Artem uses blockchain technology to manage encrypted loans and assets, as well as the interest rates, transactions and risks associated with borrowing, and remove the uncontrollable factors of traditional financial services based on trust and intermediaries.

Artem decentralized governance

Artem is managed by the "Artem Foundation". "Artem Foundation" is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) whose services will eventually be shared by citizens all over the world. One of Artem’s core beliefs is:

Every stakeholder in the ecosystem should continue to participate in decision-making without relying on or trusting anyone.

Therefore, we proposed Artem Token (ARTT) as governance token. All borrowers and lenders participating in the service will receive ARTT governance tokens through the mechanism of "liquid mining" based on their contributions. ARTT holders will be able to participate in community governance through proposals or voting, to implement decentralized governance, and to obtain ARTT ether smart contracts and community management rights.

Artem Token (ARTT)

  • The total issuance of ARTT tokens is 4,204,800 ARTT.
  • The 4,204,800 ARTT issued by Artem will be 100% publicly distributed to all users participating in the service.
  • Artem is based on the Ethereum blockchain and gives system supporters 0.5 ARTT for every block confirmed (about 15 seconds). 50% (0.25 ARTT) is allocated to the borrower and the lender.
  • ARTT will match the interest rate of each market at any time and allocate it to each lending market (such as ETH, USDC, USDT, BAK, etc.). Participants can obtain a certain percentage of ARTT by depositing or borrowing through an Ethereum account, and the amount is fairly distributed based on the proportion of the loan amount.
  • Based on respect for personal private property rights, ARTT will not lock up positions, and holders can transfer or trade through Ethereum on their own.

Risk and risk warning

When you are using the ACALM service, you have agreed and understood that the blockchain as an open system faces many potential risks, and the Artem development team will not guarantee the risks of the smart contract code base. Participants must understand and take these risks seriously and agree to take all necessary steps to mitigate them, which is absolutely vital.

The biggest risk that may occur is improper use of deployed smart contracts, and hackers may destroy or steal funds that support the system. In this case, the assets in the reserve used to pay interest may be stolen without any chance of recovery. Due to the seriousness of this problem, the best practice of smart contract security is the highest priority of the development team. In addition, there may be the possibility of irrational actors attempting to attack the system. Appropriate adjustment of economic incentive measures should help alleviate irrational actors’ attacks on the system.

This is a decentralized system. The governance of Artem will be determined by the community's joint proposal and voting. In the early stage of the system, the regulator will reduce the risk based on the ecosystem, and retain the authority to suspend system parameters such as suspension.